OMOiOMO Year 2

A collection of all the stories made by Peter Hertzberg during year 2019!

This is the collection of all the nine illustrated stories made by Peter Hertzberg and released through OMOiOMO during year 2019.

It’s a 300+ page collection consisting of picture books and comics.

With some stories text-free and some with text, there is something for everyone, no matter age or language.

The collection comes with the stories:

“The Wanderer and the Nosewise”

“The Little Match Girl”

“The Dream Painters”

“Red Ball”

“The Guard”

“The Seed of Lies”

“A Kidnapped Santa Claus”

“The Terminal”

Enjoy it yourself, or even better, give it for someone you love!

Want the Book as Printed? It's available in these versions:

You can find them by searching for the name or isbn number in your online bookstore of choice!

OMOiOMO Year 2


isbn: 9781714258130

Hardcover, dust jacket

isbn: 9781714258116

Hardcover, imagewrap

isbn: 9781714258123


OMOiOMO Solvarv 2


isbn: 9781714820917

Hårdpärm, dust jacket

isbn: 9781714820900

Hårdpärm, imagewrap

isbn: 9781714820924